The Gods

In the beginning there was nothing, and then there was not. From the void the primeval elements came forth: Darkness, Light, Air, Water, Earth, Fire. Their progeny were the Titans, lesser in strength but greater in spirit and in number then their forebearers. The universe was at peace.

As is the cycle of all that is known the titans created their own children, the Gods. And there were many. The titan's gift for creation went far beyond the Primodrials.  Each and every one a masterpiece in their own right, more elegant and glorious than the last. When they were finished a pantheon stood before them in Heaven.

As is the cycle of all that is known the gods created their own children, the Mortals. The gods had an even greater gift for creation than the titans. This was the seed of resentment which was placed in the titans. War was inevitable and terrible in it's toll. From the chaos the gods emerged victorious, banishing the titans from heaven for all eternity. Fearing that their creations would follow a similar path the gods sent the mortals away to live and die on their own plane.

The gods were:

Arah, Lord of the Light and his brother Ereban, Lord of the Darkness. Nox, Goddess of the Night and wife to Ereban. The twins Yoren The Hunter and Hollene The Silver Goddess. Adara, The Lady of Fire. Nepton, The Drowned One. Kor The Warrior God and his sister Athene The Lady of War. Aureon The Seeker of Knowledge. Onen The Trickster. Fryg The Lover. Durin The Builder. Valkura The Reaper. Zoran The First Wizard. Istus The Weaver of Fate. Balder The Arbiter. Daerron The Gambler. Bahamut The Silver Dragon. And Dhep The Zephyr.

The gods of the wicked are:

Iuz The Father of Suffering. Gorlen The Son of Slaughter. Lolth The Spider Queen. Amon The Dark Dealer. Morgana The Black Witch. Thule The First Murderer. Lucifer The Son of Morning. Lilith The Lady of Lust. Belial The Deceiver. Ancalagon The Tyrant. Pestilla Queen of Rot. Nezhuul The Undying.

The Gods

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