Ser Hector Trevelyan


Ser Hector Trevelyan is a 53 year old male human of Albion ancestry. He is tall with black hair streaked with gray. He keeps himself physically fit despite the limp in his right leg which causes him to favor walking with a cane.


Hector Trevelyan grew up as an orphan on the streets of Llannon. His first job was at a city library where he was tasked with helping the elderly archivist in his daily tasks. He learned to read at age 11 and by the time he was 13 he was already an integral part of maintaining and curating the Great Library of Llannon.

By age 16 it was clear to his peers that Hector was a genius. He had an insatiable appetite for knowledge in all it’s forms. Despite this Hector found classes at the University of Llannon completely intolerable. He would find himself outpacing his classmates in weeks and after only months would surpass even his professors. Thus he found himself more often than not taking to his own solitary studies and research.

By age 18 Hector found himself deep in the fields of engineering and physics. When he began to examine the then modern steam engine designs he found them entirely inadequate and set himself to designing what would become known as the Trevelyan-Cycle Steam Engine. It took him a total of 5 months to completely turn the field of steam engineering on it’s head.

The Trevelyan-Cycle Steam Engine was lighter, more efficient, less expensive, and far more powerful than it’s predecessors. By age 22 Hector was a self made billionaire. But by that time he was no longer interested in engineering. Instead he looked to what he saw as the far more interesting field of archaeology.

Ser Hector Trevelyan

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